EU history resources

This section offers links to digital archives and historical resources of the European Union. These websites contain a wealth of digital resources, documents, papers, press releases, images and videos on key events and treaties which contributed to the history of European integration.

europaHistory of the EU: a history and timeline of key events in European integration history, accompanied by links to treaties, historicial documents, videos and an indepth analysis of each event.


europaLibraries and archives: collections of digital resources, documents, images etc. as recommended by the European Union.


europeanaEuropeana: is one of the largest online repositories of images, videos and texts on the European Union and its history; it includes resources in several different languages.


cvce The Centre Virtuel de la Conaissance sur l’Europe: research and documentation centre for European Studies. See Origins of the Rome Treaties and From the origins of the Schuman Plan to the ECSC Treaty for a study of the events leading to these treaties. See Historical Events: for an in-depth history of the EU. See this sub-section for UK – EU related research United Kingdom and its applications for accession to the Common Market. See Oral History, which includes interviews with those involved in the European integration process.


ehpsEuropean History Primary Sources: a gateway into resources on European integration history, powered by the European University Institute in Florence.


emu EMU: A historical documentation: delves into one specific aspect of European Integration – the European Monetary Union and the coming of the Euro. See EMU: Documentation which provides links to all sorts of documents ordered in various chronological sub-chapters.


europaDORIE: includes a search engine and database of legal acts, minutes, articles, press releases and speeches by European leaders.


elloposThe European Prospect: contains a collection of texts from ancient Greek philosophers, some very interesting documents for the student interested in how thinking on European Integration came about. See Political Progress for documents written by politicians or thinkers.


bbcMilestones of the EU: timeline of key events told from a British perspective, includes a glossary, audio, video and comments from BBC correspondents.