Writing competition: ‘So similar. So different. So European.’

The European Commission‘s Directorate-General for Enlargement is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the pan-European writing competition: ‘So similar. So different. So European.’

The competition will be open to young people aged 18-25 from the 28 EU Member States. It will run between 5 November 2014 and 27 February 2015 (midday CET). Participants will be invited to answer one or both of the following questions:

–         What is your experience in an enlarged European Union?

–         How can the enlarged European Union meet the challenges of the future?

There will be one winner per participating country. All national winners will be invited on a three-day study visit to Brussels. Their entries will be published on the website of the European Commission and will be offered for publication to leading media of their country.

You can enter the competition here.