Module 7: Challenges to EU Politics and Governance

Please follow the weekly schedule below:

Week 1: Introduction to the Unit

Theories and conceptual approaches to EUropean politics and governance

Week 2: Part I: So, “what’s wrong with EUrope?…”: the EU as Europe’s worst enemy

 What is EUrope?: Media, public and policy actors’ perspectives

Week 3: Policy-making in EUrope: Who does what exactly…? 

Week 4: EU institutions v ‘Europe and the world’ 

Week 5: The EU, Europe and their (non)nationalist states

Week 6: The financial crisis and the not-so Single Market 

Week 7: Mobility, migration and the refugee crisis 

Week 8: Where now for a common EUropean policy on defence and security?

Week 9: Enlargement: a thing of the past or the means to uniting Europe?

Week 10: Part II. “…and how to fix it?”:  Potentials and alternatives for EUrope

Further EUropean integration: An exclusive political club or a two-speed economic union?

Week 11: The current state of play: EUropean disintegration, conflict and re-nationalisation

Week 12: Summary and overview of the unit        

Taking stock: Assessing EUropean politics and governance today